future nuggets

psychedelic sounds and obscure musical hybrids collected from the dark and hidden corners of romania

Outernational Academy 1  

Ukranian, georgian, hungarian, bulgarian, romanian, kazak, brazilian, estonian, south korean sound picks for your outernational delight. Timeframe: seventies and eighties. Scratching the outernational surface. Prog at the core. First selection from a very extended menu, the outernational treasures are everywhere (in time and space) untouched by the international market and waiting patiently for diclosure.

Future Nuggets presents "Sounds of the unheard from Romania" 

Nov 18th at 8AM / 2 notes

Our first release, this is just the tip of iceberg!

New hybrids! 

May 7th at 1PM / 2 notes

Steaua de Mare - Steaua de Mare


Apr 20th at 3PM / 0 notes

Fresh from the sub-carpathian electro-magnetic fields!

Departamentul Zero - The Bucegi under-tunnel

Concentration Band 

A new band from our town!

Concentration Band - space delights part 1 Concentration Band - space delights part 2

Concentration Band - sixties revenge Concentration Band - twisted end

moral dub 

Dec 9th at 9PM / 0 notes

Floating Utopias - dub crestin

one more from our local hominid 

A sweet one indeed!

Australopitecus Oltensis - after the hunt

libraries are sometimes sad 

from our personal vaults…

Ing. Coman - 5 dimineata

Manastirea Comana 

Another incredible finding, you better believe it! “Manastirea Comana” was the name of the folder from where we extracted these tracks. The 3 tracks had no names, there was also this picture, we put it all exactly as they came. Analog sounds all over, in a very troubling state of the soul… We dig!


Manastirea Comana - Track 1 (unknown)

Manastirea Comana - Track 2 (unknown)

Manastirea Comana - Track 3 (unknown)

Is Romania haunted?  

Another juicy track from “australopitecus oltensis”. This guy from our hometown Bucharest is really feeding us! Thx and keep it up in the sky.  

australopitecus oltensis - Nu Psihanaliza